Haley Feuerbacher

Haley Feuerbacher

Haley has felt a persistent calling to college-campus ministries since her days as an undergraduate active in Baylor University’s campus ministries. After Baylor, Haley earned a Masters in Theological Studies from Brite Divinity School and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Religious and Culture at SMU, where she has also taught in the Women’s and Gender Studies Program. As a student, minister, and activist, Haley has received several awards for her service and grants for her work for women’s rights in South Africa. Over the past few years, in addition to teaching, writing, and serving in vocational ministry, Haley has co-founded a grassroots movement called Christianity Is a Verb that seeks to encourage the marriage of faith and activism. Haley is most passionate about discovering the Divine in the voices, stories, and struggles that often get marginalized, forming self-giving and mutual relationships, helping young people find their voice to speak truth to power and grace to others, and working together to carry and transform each other’s messes and the messes of this world as Christ’s hands and feet. She is blessed to “explore the Infinite Abyss” of life with her son Christian and husband SB, and she is ineffably grateful and excited for this adventure with the Wesley Foundation!


The Denton Wesley staff work to build and grow our students of UNT, TWU and NCTC, into Leaders of the community in the coming years. Without our wonderful student interns and our gracious leader, the Wesley would just be a local hangout. Instead, it is a safe and welcoming place for all students no matter who they are. 

Amanda Baker

After 10+ years in the petroleum and chemical industries, she joined the Wesley family in the position of Ministry Administrator. She was very excited to join the team at Denton Wesley, and she loves to meet all of the students that come through. She's enjoyed taking part in some of the ministries and activities that the organization offers, and is grateful for the purpose and fulfillment that she has found. Amanda enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters, reading, watching movies, and crafting. She is secretly planning to redecorate the entire building, just as soon as enough people turn their backs.

Leah Moore

Leah is the Financial Director of the Wesley. She graduated from Stephen F Austin Stat University with a BBA, majoring Accounting. She has been married to her high school sweetheart, David, for 30+ years. They have two daughters, Meredith and Mallory. Meredith recently graduated from Texas Tech with a BS and is currently cursing at the Texas Tech Health and Science Center. Mallory is studying Art & Technology at UTD. Leah has a passion for Christian care giving and serves the First United Methodist Church in Coppell as a Stephen Minister and Stephen Leader.

Sean is in his 7th year as an undergrad at UNT where he might earn a B.A. in English. He has come from humble origins as the Chief Operating Bass at the Wesley to fulfilling the function of Flying Piano Fingers Extraordinaire and is now delighted to be the Worship Leader. After college he plans to use his degree to follow in the tradition of Socrates to corrupt the youth with his teachings
Lexie Vriend is a UNT and Denton Wesley alumn with a passion for learning from everyone she meets. She knows her previous career as a middle school English teacher in both Detroit and KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa taught her much about herself, about global systems of oppression, and about what it means to build just and loving community; and she is eager to continue learning from those who are kind and courageous enough to share their journey with her. She is currently working to earn her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and aspires to conduct research into the relationship between marginalization – particularly fat phobia – and complex trauma; but in her spare time she loves to read, hunt for fossils, dance shamelessly, and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She believes in the power of deconstructing the shaming messages we have been taught as well as the beauty of allowing one another to feel exactly how we feel for as long as we might feel it. She hopes that you will reach out to her if you ever need a safe, listening ear!
Rachael is an Advertising student here at UNT, and is somewhere between her junior and senior year! She has been a student at the Wesley and at UNT for two years and is excited to serve her Wesley community. As an intern, she will be co-leading both Care Team and the TWU Home Group, as well as working on other projects and teams, too! In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her dog, Harry Potter marathons, and hanging out with friends.