Statement of Faith

We follow a God who we believe is constantly creating – in us and around us, and bringing goodness out of pain and brokenness. We follow a God who is the force behind all that is good and life-giving, the liberator of the oppressed, whose power is love. Let it be so.

We follow a Christ who is God with us, God in our mess, God in and with the margins, loving us unconditionally, radically, and selflessly. We follow a Christ who opposes the powers of this world that perpetuate domination, inequality, oppression, and hostility. Let it be so.

As Christ-followers, we reciprocate Christ’s love by loving others and offering them the grace we’ve received from Christ. We affirm that our faith is a verb and compels us to be catalysts for peace, light, wisdom, and love. Let it be so.

We embody a Church that is created to love, to affirm the image of God in all who are around us, and to form self-giving, reciprocal relationships with others – and the Other. Let it be so.

As the Denton Wesley Foundation, we will resist discrimination and oppression in all their forms, as well as power that uses or results in domination, harm, or inequality. We reject the use of Scripture or Christianity in any way that constitutes “spiritual abuse” or seeks to shame us. Instead, we embrace a faith that liberates us and leads us closer to a loving God. Let it be so.

As the Denton Wesley Foundation, we will act compassionately to love all selflessly and seek mutual, equal relationships with and understanding of everyone, affirming our diverse identities in Christ. We will create, bring change for peace, stand with the marginalized, speak out for justice, and build a safe, loving, but challenging genuine community. Let it be so.

The Denton Wesley Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization, ministry of the North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church, and official Reconciling Ministry, serving students at the University of North Texas, Texas Woman’s University, and North Central Texas College.

2020-2021 Parking Info

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2020-2021 Lead Team

Open only for current Lead Team Members. $90 for one semester. $175 for two semesters.

Returning Students

Open only for active Wesley students, must be on the roster. $100 for one semester. $200 for two semesters.

General Student Pass

Open for all students, when available. $110 for one semester. $225 for two semesters.


Please email for information on parking and/or getting a parking pass.

Important Information!

The Denton Wesley Foundation parking lot is a 24 hour private parking lot for permit-holders and students attending a Wesley event only. For more information please contact

Board of Directors

  • Amanda Baker (ex-officio)
  • Kelly Carpenter (ex-offico)
  • Kent Carpenter
  • Patty Clark
  • Rev. Marc Corazao
  • Paige Dixon
  • Dr. Baranda Fermin
  • Rev. Marianne Brown-Trigg (ex-officio)
  • Rev. Cammy Gaston (ex-officio)
  • Paul Herring
  • Sue Herring
  • Leah Moore (ex-officio)
  • Hannah Ivy
  • Dr. Alicia Re Cruz
  • Mary Wells

For more information about the DWF Board of Directors, please contact our Board Chair.