Written May 31st, 2020 & originally published on our Facebook page

On this Sabbath day, the most sacredly Christ-following thing that our Denton Wesley Foundation leaders and community can do is to issue this simple commitment:

Black lives matter. Racism – systemic, subconscious, intentional, or other – is a significant, ongoing, and present evil. Intersectional oppression cries for our attention and action. Empire is real and thriving in our midst. And God takes the side of the victim. So do we. So will we…because this is where and in whom we encounter the crucified and risen Christ: in the resilient communities of color who are repeatedly crucified here in the United States and elsewhere and who have historically risen again and again in sacredness and divine power and resistance.

The crucified should not have to heal their wounds and climb out of these tombs anymore; we have to stop the crucifixions. This is our sacred call: not necessarily only to resurrect but always to transform the systems and hearts that violate sacred lives and our God-intended sacred relationships.

There are alternatives to Empire, to the way things are, to white supremacy, and to the intersectional oppressions that map themselves on broken bodies and hearts. And we believe the Church exists to elevate these alternatives, choose them, create them, and be them while rooting out the weeds of sin, brokenness, and Empire in our midst and in ourselves that violate the sacred humanity meant to flourish on this holy garden called the Earth.

Scriptures for reflection:

  • Exodus 3:7
  • Micah 6:8
  • Amos 5:21-43
  • Luke 1:46-55
  • Luke 4:18-21
  • Acts 2


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