Want to know how you can help the Denton Wesley Foundation?

The Denton Wesley Foundation is a non-profit organization and we rely on your generosity. You can help in three ways.

*Prayers-our student ministry, and our students themselves, need prayer to help them develop and grow into something that will reach our greater community. Take a moment in your daily prayer to ask for blessings and support for our ministry.

*Time-we are always looking for volunteers to help out at the Wesley. Whether it is cooking and serving lunch one Thursday out of the month to the students of the Wesley and UNT, or help on our semi-annual clean up day, a volunteer to help with our Traveling Partnerships, or just sharing your story or talents for a workshop or worship service; we need more people willing to be there for our students.

*Money-sadly, money does not grow on trees. We rely on donations from our local churches, bible groups, and individuals who are touched by the stories and lives of our students. By clicking on the Donate button, you can choose where your money goes:  building upkeep, missions, free lunch, etc… Your choice. Every little bit helps and we truly appreciate all the help given to us.