Our Mission Statement

The Denton Wesley Foundation is an Intersectional, Affirming, Compassionate Community Stumbling Towards Christ and Creating Life Together

Galveston Trip 2019-1

Community and Service

House Worship 2


Hope, Faith, and Social Justice

“The Wesley gave me a home away from home with people I could grow and experience life with.” – Baylee

“Through my mission trip to Galveston with [the Wesley] I was allowed to be the hands and feet of Jesus…God is doing great things, and 2019 has literally been my best year yet.” – Shamira

“‘Life-giving’ is an increasingly common term for what you’re doing [at the Wesley.]” – Richard

“To my Wesley family:

You people are some of the most resilient and compassionate and uplifting people I have met in my life. You took me in when I didn’t know where I stood with my faith. You took me in when I was hurting and gave me a place to grieve…

I found God again, and not in some profound and earth shaking way, but in the people that I sit with on Tuesday nights that continue to change my life.” – Mattie

Thursday, September 19, 2019 is the annual North Texas Giving Day. On this day, encourage all previous, current, and future donors to clink on the link below and donate to the Denton Wesley Foundation. Every amount helps students in our community to learn and grow closer to Christ in a safe environment. 

If you are or know a student who is graduating soon and will be a freshman at, or will be a transfer this year to UNT, TWU, or NCTC, we would love to reach out and answer any of your questions. Email us at the address below.

1501 Maple Street Denton, TX 76203
email: admin@thedentonwesley.org